what could possibly make a faithless man pray?

Abbie. 18. English. White cisgender woman. INFJ. Biromantic asexual. Liberal. Intersectional feminist. Hardcore geek. Avid writer and wannabe author. Addicted to storytelling and cinematography. Fascinated by (and completely terrified of) the real world and humanity in general. Afflicted with Asperger Syndrome and an unhealthy, vaguely sinister interest in mythology, superstition and the unexplained. Multi-fandom blog.

I want a horror game with a mic set that relies on you being quiet when there is a monster or something, because the sound you make, not your character, but you lures it and gives away your position so if you scream or breath heavily it can give you away so you play most of the game in mute terror

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or purposefully shout to draw it say for like a challenge or to save a friend in multiplayer or something

oh my god shannon never make video games that is terrifying


And then your asshole friend purposely calls you while you’re playing or ends up sneaking up behind you and scaring you.

This game sounds like it’ll end more friendships than Mario Party.

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